#1 Frontpoint

  • Costs $34.99 – $49.99 per month
  • 30 day trial period
  • Provides DIY home security systems
  • GE security alarm equipment
  • Offers 100% cellular monitoring
  • Call 855-873-5594 for Free Consultation
Frontpoint Reviews

Frontpoints 24/7 monitoring systems offer easy to install packages with future expandable options easy to relocate should a person move in the future.Their wireless systems allow for interactive programing from anywhere, instant notification, and live video monitoring from smart phones, plus much more.


Main Features:
  • Instant Alerts – Burglary, Fire, Environmental, Life Safety Alarm
  • Wireless Systems – Accessible From Wireless Technology
  • Easy to Install Yourself Systems W / 24 hr. Support
  • Wireless Security Videos – Live Smart Phone Monitoring
  • Remote Activation, Door Lock Control, Appliance & Thermostat Control
  • Crash and Smash Protection
Why we recommend Frontpoint

Frontpoint Wireless Security system is regarded one of the best protection packages produced today, with the interactive smartphone management program, they have redefined the meaning of “WOW”. Monitoring Security with your Smart Phone is what Frontpoint delivered before others knew just how smart a phone could be. When it comes to the safety of our loved ones, we need to know NOW, this is what Frontpoint offers. The Wireless easy installation packages featuring instant interactive communication and 24/7 monitoring of live video and safety notification which moves with you when the time comes.

What you can expect to pay
  • Protection Monitoring $34.99 per Month
  • Interactive Monitoring $44.99 per Month
  • Ultimate Monitoring $49.99 per Month
Frontpoint Packages:

The Protection Monitoring Package is available at a monthly cost of $34.99. This package offers 100% protection for your home from environmental disasters, fire, and intrusion. This package includes the following features:

  • Protection against burglary and intrusion: The Frontpoint wireless security system creates a protective shield around your home, keeping your family members and home secure. The intricate monitoring center reacts instantly to any unauthorized intrusion or disturbance to your home.
  • Protection from fire: Sensors are strictly; monitored minimizing the risk of personal injury and severe property damage to your property. The monitoring center will alert, local fire and response personnel immediately, which reduces the risk of personal injury or damage to your home.
  • Protection from environmental conditions: The Protection Monitoring Package aides in; protection from flood conditions, water damage that occurs from freezing pipes, groundwater, sewer backup, and other environmental occurrences. Each of these environmental conditions, in many cases can be foreseen, and avoided, with proper home security. Frontpoint’s monitored environmental sensors are capable of detecting water damage threats in premature stages. Frontpoint Security reviews, testify to environmental sensors not only protecting the homes from damage, but also save money the homeowners would have spent for repairing those damages and replacing contents lost from the disaster.
  • Life safety: In addition to the comprehensive home security system, Frontpoint Protection Monitoring Package also includes solutions for medical emergencies. Frontpoint Panic Pendant, alert system will immediately send a medical or police signal to the monitoring center, with just the touch of a button on the pendant minimizing reaction time.
Interactive Monitoring Package

At the low cost of $42.99 per month, this industry leading home security package gives you security while enjoying your life and family. Point Security reviews proclaim this is the most popular package. The Interactive Monitoring Package includes all components of the Protection Monitoring Package in combination with a series of additional features. The unique attributes of this package include the following:

  • Option of accessing the home security alarm system remotely: This feature will allow you to connect the security alarm of your home to a mobile device like Android, Blackberry, iPhone, or tablet (a web-enabled cell phone can also be used) and control it remotely. You can also modify the security alarm online.
  • Instant security alerts: Immediately, when emergency dispatch center receives an alert they will inform you about the incident. Typically, they notify the homeowners about emergencies by telephone. However, you can also choose to get alerts through text messages or emails.
  • Crash and Smash: While most traditional alarms wait for 1 minute (60 seconds) before sending signals, this feature of the Frontpoint home security systems ensures that the monitoring center receives the signal as soon as any security breach occurs. The monitoring center continues to receive alarm signals until you, the homeowner has been contacted. In the case you fail to enter the right code, Frontpoint’s monitoring station will treat the signal as an unauthorized intrusion alarm.
  • Light Control: With the Interactive Monitoring Package of Frontpoint, you can control small appliances including the lamps in your home remotely. Frontpoint offers a free mobile application with this package, which can be used to switch your appliances on or off at will.
Ultimate Monitoring Package

For $49.99 you will receive the Ultimate Monitoring home security package. Frontpoint Ultimate Monitoring Package includes every feature you could expect from your home security system. It performs all the tasks the previous two packages do, but comes with two additional features.

  • Wireless security videos: This feature monitors strategically positioned home security cameras allowing surveillance of vulnerable areas of your home even when you are traveling.
  • Remote light, lock and climate control: This advanced Frontpoint security package will allow you to use door locks powered by Z-Wave for controlling access to your house even when you are away. The thermostat powered by Z-Wave, can monitor and make changes to temperature settings from remote access.

Frontpoints, manage from anywhere and live video monitoring is the Best protection for our families and homes against harm, 24/7. Featuring GE advanced technology in Alarm systems servicing every zip code in the United States with satisfied customers for over ten years. An investment in a Frontpoint System Guarantees Confidence that the ones we love, our valuables are secure and protected. Systems can expand with our changing lives. Frontpoint Systems are designed for those who chose to personally manage their family’s or business protection, with simple to install instruction and live support, systems typically are completed in less than 30 minutes, or professional assistance can be arranged if requested.

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#1 Frontpoint, 9.4 out of 10 based on 555 ratings

23 Customer Reviews for “#1 Frontpoint”

  1. Kelly Taylor says:

    I chose Front Point because I could install it myself and that way I dont have to wait around for an installation technician. The service is excellent and the customer service is great too. I cant complain about the pricing either.

  2. Billy Tomas says:

    As a renter I needed a system that I could plugin and unplug once I move. Front Point is the only system out there that lets me do that. I also liked that they offer a 30 day trial. Ive had it now for 6 months and it works great. No surprises.

  3. Brent Olson says:

    Our family had a burglary so we decided to invest in a home security system. Boy are we glad we did because that same burglar hit again but because the alarm called the cops they were able to arrest the thief. This system has no paid for itself 10 times over.

  4. Kristi G says:

    As an elderly woman on a fixed budget I needed a system that was affordable and also easy for my son to install. My neighbor recommended front point and I am glad I chose them.

  5. DJ Benny B says:

    I love the iPhone app, it rocks!!!!!!

  6. Crystal Roberts says:

    Our family travels out of town a lot so it is important for me to know what is going on with my home when were gone. The fact that I can hookup cameras to my system and see everything from my smart phone gives me the piece of mind that I need in order to rest easy. Front point is a great system.

  7. Jill Henson says:

    A+ service, easy installation, what more do you need? Oh yeah, its affordable too.

  8. Greg T. says:

    I chose front point because of the 30 day trial. I like to try before I buy. The system was easy to install and works with a wireless signal which is nice because I am a renter and dont want to modify the property I live in. I would recommend front point to friends.

  9. James Wang says:

    Gotta love it when you dont have to have a smelly late and dirty installation guy come to your house. I love do it yourself installs and front point did not disappoint with its ease of installation. No technical ability required

  10. Teresa Brown says:

    I really like this website that compares the various providers. I chose front point based on the recommendation and I think it was a fine choice. So far, so good

  11. Terry Phillips says:

    Front Point is great! There are home invasions in my neighborhood in Phoenix and we don’t want to be sitting ducks so we installed this alarm system and so far it has worked great.

  12. Jessica Knott says:

    This website that talks about the different services sure saved me a lot of time researching the dizzying amount of info out there. I chose front point and I think I made a good decision because so far everything is working great. The iphone app is really neet and my husband loves it

  13. Ruth Ochakovsky says:

    I wanted an alarm system that was easy to use and would not cost a fortune and I found that when with Frontpoint. Fancy, high-tech gadgets are not my thing so this system and I work perfectly together. I’m completely happy with it and can’t see myself ever changing systems.

  14. Courtney Santo says:

    I could have spent a lot of money on some fancy alarm system, but I chose this one and could not be happier. Sometimes things that cost more are not necessarily better as I found out with this great security system.

  15. Nathanial Bartolome says:

    I did not know what to expect when I got this security system since this is the first one I have ever owned. So far I am more than impressed with its features as well as the friendly people who work for the company and answer all my crazy questions.

  16. Makeda Sobey says:

    No better feeling than having a great home security system that leaves you feeling safe and protected. That is exactly what I got with Frontpoint and I highly recommend anyone in the market for an alarm system to get this one.

  17. Jarod Acoba says:

    I could ramble on and on about how great this system is, but you should really judge for yourself by getting it. I promise you will not be disappointed. You can even try it out for free for thirty days before making a final decision. Once you do, though, you won’t want them to remove it from your house.

  18. Melvina Oakland says:

    Our neighbors just had a new home security system installed and, of course, tried to convince my wife and I that we should get one too. We are not sure why they did this since we live in a pretty low-key community with minimal crime if any. However, they were telling us about a couple they knew who had their home broken into in broad daylight while they were at work.
    Apparently, the thieves were watching the house over a period of time to see when the house was empty and for how long. Since my wife and I both work and are not home until late at night, we started thinking maybe we should consider some type of security system so that does not happen to us. After a lot of back and forth, we decided on the FrontPoint security systems.
    We wanted something very basic and easy to use and this fit the bill—and our budget. At least now my wife and I do not have to ever worry about coming home late and finding out we were the victims of a break-in.

  19. Stanford Ronin says:

    I cannot get over how easy this system is to use. I am not a technical person at all so I was a bit hesitant when I got the system because I thought for sure I would screw it up just trying to activate and deactivate it. But sure enough, it is so easy—even I can do it!

  20. Neoma Chimal says:

    I really like the iphone app that comes with my system. And the equipment is easy to use. Front Point is cheaper than ADT who I have used in the past.

  21. Stan Rasune says:

    There aren’t too many home security systems that work as great as FrontPoint, let alone that are actually affordable. It seems these days that a lot of home alarms are not even worth it. Up until a few months ago, I thought the same could be said for pretty much every home security system on the market — but then I found FrontPoint Security. I was actually looking around for house alarm systems on the internet because I wanted to make sure that my home is protected, even when I’m not there. I go on business trips a lot, and with no one at home, I feel as if my house is pretty vulnerable at times.
    However, it didn’t actually occur to me to get a home alarm until one of my buddies down the street had his house broken into, and that was when I was out of state! “It could have been me,” I had thought, which is why I went searching for good home alarms without too much enthusiasm. Luckily, enough positive reviews lead to believe that FrontPoint is in fact, the exception as far as home security goes. I took my chances, and here I am today, boasting about FrontPoint Security. You can’t say too much about most home alarm systems, but then again FrontPoint is definitely not like most home alarm systems. It’s a security measure that everyone should have at their house and I recommend FrontPoint 100%.

  22. Carl M. Corpuse says:

    I signed up with FrontPoint a little over six months ago, and now I wonder why I didn’t do it sooner. My sister was actually the one who recommended FrontPoint Security. They have been good to us the second we called them.

  23. Jill Nead says:

    I have a large family, so I know I want to help protect them as much as I can. My husband and I decided a few months ago that we should get a home alarm. We didn’t really know which was the best or who to turn to, so I went online and eventually found out about Frontpoint. I told my husband about it, and he gave them a call. Now we’ve got a top-notch security system that helps to make our home more protected and helps to give us peace of mind. One of the best parts is that we are in touch with the house even when we’re gone. Even if we’re on the move, we know what’s happening at home. Setting up with Frontpoint security was incredibly simple, and didn’t take long. One thing I really fall for is simplicity, which is why I turned to Frontpoint security. Also, customer service is a big plus in my book. Luckily Frontpoint security won my heart over on that one, too. If you were to ask me to give Frontpoint a grade, I’d say they are definitely grade A and definitely worth every cent… which by the way, isn’t much (their affordability was another thing that got me).

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