Home Security Tips for Vacation Season

Home security constitutes a vital segment of your trip plan regardless of whether you’re going on a long vacation a mere weekend getaway. You must ensure protection from mechanical problems alongside protection from burglary. In case you leave your house vacant for a long period, the chances of burglary get increased and you might experienced considerable damage caused to your house during your absence.

If you truly wish to enjoy your trip and ensure that your home security is maintained, then you must go through the vacant home and home security checklist prior to your journey.

Within Your Home

  • The main water valve has to be shut. The water supply within your home has to be shut properly, if you plan on leaving your home for a long period. The main water valve is usually situated at the lower part of the side of your home that faces the street. Identify this valve and turn it off.
  • Get your toilets drained. The flush lever has to be held downward for draining tanks and toilets, till the whole water gets drained.
  • The water heater has to be turned off. In case you’re using an electric water heater, the large breaker present in its main panel has to be turned off. For those who’re using gas water heaters, the valve has to be turned to be turned off or towards the pilot position. Do this only when you’re aware of the relighting process and is supposed to move out for a longer duration.
  • The breakers have to be turned off. Except the outdoor lighting, security system and heating system all electrical circuit breakers present within the electrical box of your home have to be turned off if they’re not essential. Take your time to identify the importance of various circuits and mark them with stickers. You may use stickers with colored dots, red for the more essential ones and green for the less important ones.
  • Unplug appliances. All appliances irrespective of whether they’re small or large have to be disconnected.
  • The A/C has to be lowered. In order to reduce air conditioning costs, the air conditioner has to be set at 80 degrees. Do this when you’re away for a long period. If you go on a much longer vacation, you may shut it completely.
  • Put lights on certain areas. If you put lights on timers across the major living areas, your home security will certainly be improved. Occupancy gets stimulated if you set them accordingly.
  • Your absence doesn’t need to be broadcasted. If your phone remains unanswered during your vacation, it tips off a burglar quite easily. Your ringer has to be turned off and the regular answering message should play. Make sure you don’t set your Twitter and FB profile status as “away on vacation”.
  • Blinds need to be adjusted. If possible set the curtains and blinds in usual positions. Make sure you don’t end up exposing valuables to unknown eyes.
  • Valuables need to be protected. Valuables need to be secured within a safe deposit or home safe box. This will keep thieves away from precious items like jewelry, important papers etc.
  • Unplug your computer. Don’t leave your PC connected via internet. Turn it off before you go out on a vacation. You must follow this tip if your PC bears personal information. Certain receipts and bills will enhance your identity theft risk. Such bills have to be shredded or hidden somewhere.
  • Set the household alarm. Your alarm system has to be activated before you leave your home. Get in touch with your security company and provide them with your whereabouts during vacation. Besides your interim contact information, you must share the vacation period.
  • Lock up. Prior to leaving for your vacation, make sure the doors and windows are locked securely. Leaving even one of them open might let a burglar inside. This way, the inner security of your home gets threatened.
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