How to Secure a Home

Secure a Home from the Inside Out – Know how to go about it

The network of security systems within your home gains certain advantages when you select tools out of a general list. When it comes to all the potential vulnerable and weak points of entry of your home, it becomes easier for you to obtain a common census by walking around your home. This way you may protect yourself. A few vital steps to resolve this problem includes the following items:

  • Porch Lights or Motion detectors
  • Theft alarms
  • Peepholes
  • Safety Class Film or Window Security Grilles
  • Pin Locks in windows
  • Deadbolt locks
  • Screws worth 3”
  • Lock Strike Plates
  • Heavy-Duty Door Locks
  • Solid Core Doors

A few specific places wherein you need to ensure additional protection from intruders are your balcony enclosures and backyard entrances. One of the most important steps is to install the Window security grilles which can prevent a stranger from breaking through your door glasses. A protective film of glass can also be installed. This film has to be placed at the inner side of the door. Although not quite burglar-proof, it is a credible barrier deterrent. The glass pieces stay put once the window is broken. The burglar will find it difficult to reach the door catch through your broken glass and film. He will no longer waste time and look for homes that are easier to access instead of approaching the security film. Breaking the film might be a success when the burglar is truly determined. Glass film is thus a small segment of a much bigger security systems network for your home. It contributes to your household safety alongside other systems.

A core door that looks solid and heavy and possesses a window may actually be another preventative step inside your home. Luxan glass is used for venting in this window unit. It resists shatter and is pretty strong. You’ll a similar make in various bullet-proof windows.

Home security is also about placing a door with a strong frame. Your front door gets reinforced additionally when the inner side of your door jamb acquires a few door plates. These plates can be fixed with the inner surface of the door frame and are usually rust-proof since they’re anodized. Prior to placing your door through the opening, you’ll need to install this plate. A metal door plate is far superior to the bots of a burglar. Once your door gets kicked by an intruder, the deadbolt rises till the metal door plate and the door is protected from budging or caving in.

Placing lights in the porch area or installing a couple of motion detectors is the common steps that we take towards protecting our homes from burglars. A security peephole can be installed to have a clearer view of the person who’s standing in front of your door in case your front door doesn’t have any windows. Alternatively, you may install an LCD screen panel inside your house and get images transmitted wirelessly using the DVR feature of a hi-tech peephole camera. These days you can’t just remain satisfied with a restricted peephole view. These days, the home security systems are able to provide you with flexible hi-tech options after they’ve trudged a long way in terms of technical advancement.

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