Know How to Protect Your Home

What Makes Your Home a Target for Burglars – Know How to protect your home

There are a few specific reasons why a burglar picks your home as a suitable target to intrude. It is very important for you to identify all the reasons that make your home more prone to burglars. A few past insights made by burglars in picking a home and intrude seem truly shocking, but it could save your home from such attempts in the future. This article will certainly prove very important if your home security is a matter of concern for you.

An easy entry is the foremost point to be considered by a burglar. It just takes a glance for a burglar to note a few specific things as he drives down a particular neighborhood. Burglars would find it more attractive to go through neighborhoods that show up different sides of all homes or a particular home through a street layout. Homes that are situated at corners are usually more appealing to them. Their prime targets would also constitute homes that have wooded areas or walking trails behind them.

When the different sides of your home are visible, it allows the burglar to gin a fair idea of whether the home has closed patio with a venting window, French doors or a sliding door. Upon locating a crawlspace door, the burglar gets happier if it is not secured. The probability of a window being open is much higher when you have multiple viewpoints or vantage. It also gets easier for them to spot ladders and tools that can be easily accessed.

You may easily pry open a sliding door, pull it out or raise it from the track, thus making it a prime target. A burglar finds is easy to kick open a French door as these doors are located at the back side of a home and pose as simple targets. The air handler in certain homes bears ductwork at the crawlspace. This makes it easier for an intruder to access the crawlspace. Once an intruder pulls the ductwork down, the entire vent cover holding the air filter is exposed and creates space for him to enter.

A burglar often searches through the space above a porch where he might locate a window. In case there’s a deck railing associated with your enclosed patio, it allows the burglar to reach the roof quite safely. On the second level you don’t usually have any security devices installed. This turns your second floor windows more vulnerable. A burglar discovers a goldmine if the second floor houses your master bedroom. This is the favorite place of a burglar to come across jewelry, money and guns.

Your landscaping reveals a lot to an intruder. The entry point becomes more enticing to a burglar if your windows are covered by bushes. It suggests that you’re out on vacation for an extended period if your yard shows high grass. Make sure you don’t share too much information about yourself through the name placard. It becomes fairly easy for a determined burglar to seek more information using the phonebook or the social media sites.

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