#4 LifeShield

  • Decent price
  • Rated “Best Value & Best Protection”
  • No fees for additional features
  • Pre-programmed set-up so drilling and hard wiring are not required
  • Ability to monitor homes or small businesses from mobile or internet access
  • Call 877-817-2331 for Free Consultation
LifeShield Security Review

These days there are numerous break-ins, reported criminal attacks, and burglaries. None of these problems are limited to just one area or region. All houses, buildings, etc. can be at risk for invasion. Therefore it is important to take certain precautions, such as installing an alarm system on a house. Doing so is the first step to avoiding potential dangers and preventing attacks. Lifeshield is an example of a fine alarm security system and can easily be considered one of the best home security systems on the market.


Better Than the Average Security System

One look at Lifeshield and some people may jump to the conclusion and think that it’s just like any other alarm system. In reality, this wireless security system is one of the most advanced forms of home protection. Here are just a few main points to consider when thinking about signing up for Lifeshield:

  • #1 rated by homeowners
  • $24.99 per month
  • Associated with Protection 1
  • Interactive monitoring
  • Mobile apps
  • Local offices provided in all 50 states
Decent Price for Lifeshield

This company provides a bounty of security features for a small price. This is significant because the majority of security companies will be sold at a hefty cost. But after years of progressively evolving and growing, this is one of the most effective ways of adding a powerful defensive measure to any household. As such, they will not charge additional fees for a variety of numerous features such as mobile apps and interactive monitoring. It’s only $24.99 per month for one of their security plans.

Partnered with Protection

This security company holds true to the idea of family and home protection. This is seen through years of continuous customers. Lifeshield was even granted the title of “Best Value & Best Protection” in a blind survey conducted by the National Business Research Institute in 2010. One reason for this is the fact that that the technology used is always top-of-the-line. Another contributing factor is that they are associated with Protection 1 in order to provide the most superior security. Together, the two word hand-in-hand providing over one million households the technology and security products that they deserve.

Lifeshield Offers Dependable Support

Together, Protection 1 and Lifeshield work hard to make a dream into a reality by making communities over the country safer day by day. Their stability and dependability make their services exceptional in the world of protection. Security experts are always available for both installation and technical advice all over the United States. With an abundance of customers, waiting on hold is one possible but minor draw-back.

Lifeshield Is the King of Protection

In the end, with top-notch technology and high-quality customer service, Lifeshield is a wonderful choice when it comes to home security. This is because along with its partnership with Protection 1, households are made safer in the long-run. Set-up is always quick and easy, and customers are provided with features like being able to monitor their home right from their computer or phone. It’s not hard to see why this is one of the most superior home security systems on the market.

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#4 LifeShield, 8.4 out of 10 based on 385 ratings

11 Customer Reviews for “#4 LifeShield”

  1. Lucile Najarro says:

    This home security system is exactly what I wanted easy to use, lots of options if I decide to upgrade in the future and priced right. Cannot ask for more than that.

  2. Stewart Pozzuoli says:

    Stop right now if you are considering another security system other than this one!! This is the best system you will ever find. Forget the fact that it is incredibly affordable, it is also easy to use, comes with so many features and the customer service people are just awesome. Once you get this system, you will be so happy you did not go with another.

  3. Maryalice Scharr says:

    As far as companies go, this one is first rate. They were so patient with me and my eight million questions when they were installing my security alarm. The rep was highly knowledgeable and even knew what I was going to ask before I even asked it.

  4. Pedro Otake says:

    This is by far the greatest home security system ever! I kept hearing about other systems that were complicated to program and went off at odd times or from loud noises, but I have not experienced any of that with this one. Easy to use, no accidental set-offs and the guy who came to install it was really nice and helpful.

  5. Shayne Wojner says:

    I cant say enough about how fantastic this system is. And the fact that I have it synched with other things in my house like my smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector makes it even better. I can even operate it from my smart phone hows that for the latest in home security technology?

  6. Heriberto Kernen says:

    Don’t delay your purchase of a home security system because I have a feeling that once the word gets out how great this one is, there may not be any left to purchase. Yes, it is that good and that inexpensive. Two great reasons right there to get it now!

  7. Saran Tokunaga says:

    My Life Shield system works really well. I have it all hooked up wirelessly which is nice because I do not have a land line. This is a really good alternative to ADT or Front Point.

  8. Rocco Chrystal says:

    I found this website after I bought my LifeShield system. I’m happy to write a positive review for LifeShield security because my experience has been entirely positive. You will not be disappointed with Life Shield

  9. Annie McCalin says:

    Lifeshield Security is the real deal. You can’t go wrong with a company that really does create peace of mind. My husband and I have been with Lifeshield for a few months now and we are completely satisfied.

  10. Jay Forks says:

    Nothing quite comes close to the peace of mind that I get from Lifeshield. They have been my home security since I bought my first house two years ago. I had had another home security system before Lifeshield Security, but found that I was paying too much for a system that I wasn’t satisfied with. I dumped them, and looked around a bit on the internet, only to find out about Lifeshield. It didn’t take long to see that they were more promising, so I decided to go with them and to this day I’m still with Lifeshield Security. I do recommend Lifeshield.

  11. Shirley E. Richard says:

    Lifeshield is the ultimate choice when it comes to high-quality alarm systems. If you’re looking for a great way to protect your family and home, then you’ve got to try Lifeshield security, they are my choice for home security.

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