#6 Pinnacle

  • Protects homes with a 3-layer defense
  • Secures your home for only $199
  • Services to over 300,000
  • Experiences 40-60% growth annually
  • Installs 90% of security systems within 24 hours of ordering
Pinnacle Review

Pinnacle Security was founded in 2001 by two college students. Since its inception, the company has provided security solutions to more than 300,000 homes in North America. Pinnacle home security systems are currently protecting around 86,000 sq ft facilities across several US states. Due to its excellent services, Pinnacle experiences 40 to 60% growth annually and is thus regarded as North America’s fastest growing home security provider.


Pinnacle offers two basic home security monitoring packages, the Essential Package and the Mobile Control Package. You should opt for Pinnacle’s essential package, if you are a first time user of home security systems. This economical package will help you to understand how a home security system works. Those who are looking for a more advanced security solution should however choose the mobile control package. Pinnacle’s mobile control package provides the consumers mobile-enabled solutions to all their environmental control and security needs. The other packages provided by Pinnacle Security are: stay at home package, security plus medical, security guru package, frequent traveler package and enhanced perimeter protector.

You can upgrade your home’s protection level by adding more security equipment like motion sensors, window and door sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, garage tilt sensors, water/ flood sensors etc. Pinnacle’s trained and licensed technicians install more than 90% security systems within 24 hours of placing the order.

  • Pinnacle home security systems will protect your home with a three-layer defense system. The first layer includes exterior deterrents such as window stickers and yard sign, which are used for informing the intruders that your home is protected by a monitored security system. The second layer includes use of glass-break detectors and window and door sensors, these security devices protect your home’s perimeter. Whenever an intruder tries to enter your home through a protected zone, these window and door sensors become active and send signals to the control panel to trigger the alarm. The third layer comprises of security equipment like image sensors and motion sensors that are meant for protecting your home’s interiors.
  • Pinnacle security systems are equipped with sirens with piercing sounds. When the alarm is triggered, the sirens start generating sound immediately. This sound will not only scare and disorient the intruder, but will also notify the passerby and neighbors about the situation in your house. Pinnacle’s home security systems will also notify the company’s monitoring station about the security crisis through the control panel’s cellular card or your landline connection. The monitoring agents will take necessary steps as soon as they are notified about the situation.
  • Pinnacle’s security systems come with easy to use control features like the touchscreen keypad and keychain remote. The system can be controlled directly from its panel as well as through your Smartphone’s mobile control apps. This means, you will have complete control on the security system even when you are not present in your home.
  • With Pinnacle’s mobile control service, you will not only be able to disarm and arm your home security system remotely, but will also be able to modify or add user codes, monitor the activities within your home and view the alarm history and status. Pinnacle’s mobile control service ensures that you are notified about power outages, system-disarming and alarm events through emails or text messages.
  • Essential package: $199
  • Mobile control package: $299
  • Enhanced perimeter protector: $299
  • Stay at home package: $299
  • Frequent travel package: $599
  • Security guru package: $399

All Pinnacle security packages offer home security evaluation absolutely free of cost.


Pinnacle home security systems serve the customers with features like camera surveillance, thermostat control and touchscreen technology. The majority of the reliable Pinnacle Home Security Systems review websites speak well about the company’s security services. Pinnacle has also won the prestigious GE Liberty Award consecutively from 2008 to 2010. You will not get a better security solution than the Pinnacle home security systems for such a reasonable cost.

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#6 Pinnacle, 5.8 out of 10 based on 43 ratings

3 Customer Reviews for “#6 Pinnacle”

  1. Jacob Flaminio says:

    This system is really the best. When I tried the free thirty-day trial period with it, I absolutely fell in love with the fact that it was simple to operate. I cant be bothered with reading a manual every time I want to do something with it or program it. The rep who came out from the company was great and explained everything to me up front. I had no need to call and ask a single question and that still holds true now that it is officially a part of my home.

  2. Antonette Kogan says:

    After I saw how great this system worked, I immediately recommended it to my parents who were thinking about getting one for their home. They have been hemming and hawing over which one to get, but I think I convinced them to stop looking and get this one.

  3. Daniel Huvard says:

    If you’re looking for the best peace of mind for you and your family, you should do what I did, turn to Pinnacle Security. I have never felt more safe in my own home since I turned to Pinnacle Security.

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