#2 Protect America

  • No installation fee
  • Packages from $19.99 – $42.99 per mo.
  • Has served 400,000 families in the US
  • GE wireless home security systems
  • SDM Magazine’s top 10 security companies
  • Call 888-305-9673 for Free Consultation
Protect America Security Review

Protect America’s free installation with a three year contract is a hard deal to beat. What makes them such a great choice is the leading technology offer through GE Security coupled with great accessories. Direct communication to their professional monitoring station has provided excellent service to customers for twenty years. Protect America’s interactive app, Smart Connect, gives customers personal control of their system, including video observation and remote arming.

Main Features
  • Up to 40 Zones of Protection
  • Children Latchkey Pager Protection
  • 1 Master and 8 Separate Access Codes
  • Interactive Arm & Disarm Control
  • Wireless Technology
  • Customizable Systems With Accessories
  • 5 Efficient Systems to Choose From
Why We Recommend Protect America

When it comes to the safety of our families, Protect America offers systems that consider the needs of our active lives. Know your family, from elderly parents to kids, are safe when you’re not home. You won’t wonder if your family is protected. Instead, you’ll know. Combined with video interactive capabilities, Protect America’s home security solutions respond quickly in unexpected emergencies. “This is what we do for the ones we love when we cannot be there ourselves.”

What You Can Expect to Pay
  1. Copper Package

    G.E. Simon XT Control Panel, 3 Window/Door Sensors,
    Batt. Backup, 1 Motion Detector, 1 Button Arm/Disarm,
    1 Yard Sign, 3 Window Decals.
    Free Install W/ 3 Year Contract – $29.99 Mo.

  2. Bronze Package

    G.E. Simon XT Control Panel, 7 Window/Door Sensors,
    Batt. Backup, 1 Motion Detector, 1 Button Arm/Disarm,
    1 Yard Sign, 3 Window Decals.
    Free Install W/ 3 Year Contract – $35.99 Mo.

  3. Silver Package

    G.E. Simon XT Control Panel, 10 Window/Door Sensors,
    Batt. Backup, 1 Motion Detector, 1 Button Arm/Disarm,
    1 Yard Sign, 3 Window Decals.
    Free Install W/ 3 Year Contract – $37.99 Mo

  4. Gold Package

    G.E. Simon XT Control Panel, 12 Window/Door Sensors,
    Batt. Backup, 1 Motion Detector, 1 Button Arm/Disarm,
    1 Yard Sign, 3 Window Decals.
    Free Install W/ 3 Year Contract – $39.99 Mo

  5. Platinum Package

    G.E. Simon XT Control Panel, 15 Window/Door Sensors,
    Batt. Backup, 1 Motion Detector, 1 Button Arm/Disarm,
    1 Yard Sign, 3 Window Decals.
    Free Install W/ 3 Year Contract – $42.99 Mo

Protect America Security

  • XT Touch Screen / Free with selected models
  • Garage Door Sensor
  • Medical Panic Pendant
  • Keychain Remote Control
  • Wireless Remote Arm/DisArm
  • Solar Yard Sign Light
  • Home Automation Module
  • Glass Break Sensor
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Low Temperature Sensors
  • Flood Sensors
  • X-10 Lamp Control
  • Appliance Control Module
  • X-10 Power Horn
  • Yard Signs and Window Decals
Up to 40 Zones of Protection

The GE Simon XT control panel allows for up to 40 separate zones of protection, providing considerable expansion capabilities. This provides for independent monitoring of areas that may require special attention, like kids’ rooms.

Children Latchkey Pager Protection

With the GE Simon XT, you can receive an automatic notification if your child’s pass code is not entered before a set time. The GE Simon XT can call any telephone and deliver a clear, concise voice message notifying you of system events such as alarms, latchkey disarming, and more.

1 Master and 8 Separate Access Codes

One master access code, along with up to 8 additional programmable user codes of 3-6 digits, can be assigned to your children or guests so you’ll know anytime they arm or disarm the system.

Interactive Arm & Disarm Control

Remote access to your system from computers or smartphones, provides remote arm/disarm, instant video monitoring, and more. With this feature, you can check system status, arm and disarm the system, activate a no-entry delay, or activate the latchkey feature.

Wireless Technology

The GE Simon XT can manage up to 40 wireless zones, supporting up to 40 total security devices such as door or window entry point sensors, motion detectors, keychain remote, Medical emergency Pendant and more.

Customizable Systems with Accessories

Interactive Video Home Security Services, Keychain Remote Control, medical panic pendant, wireless secret keypad, Home Automation Modules, wireless secret keypad, X-10 Lamp Module, and Solar Yard Sign Light.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Easily track your car with real-time vehicle tracking technology.


The variety of packages offered by Protect America provides real protection for the people we love, even when we’re not home. With the great variety of accessories and the dependable reputation earned by Protection America, they are a hard company to beat. Their industry leading technology offers smart device interconnected interaction, among other features. With the growing desire for the elderly to lead independent lives, Protect America is a great choice for conscientious. They stand as an excellent choice for the protection of the ones we love and our property.

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#2 Protect America, 9.1 out of 10 based on 556 ratings

14 Customer Reviews for “#2 Protect America”

  1. China Walinski says:

    This is a good service with very good GE equipment. If you want GE quality then buy Protect America

  2. Isiah Witfield says:

    Simple to use, free installation and quality equipment is why we chose Protect America. Thanks for laying out all of the differences for us.

  3. Bessie Crowder says:

    This website was helpful in helping me choose a provider. We ultimately chose protect America because of the GE system that it uses. Reliability is extremely important to us and this system has proven reliable

  4. Linette Rebeles says:

    If it were not for this great security system, I would have probably gone nuts since every other house in my neighborhood seems to be getting burglarized these days. I was living in fear that I would be next. But now I don’t feel that way because I know I am well protected with this system from Protect America. Fear be gone!

  5. Blake Amsden says:

    Having a great home security system was important to me since I live alone and never want to come home and find my house was broken into.

    This system gives me a great sense of security and I never think the worst when I come home late from work at night by myself. That is worth all the money in the world (even though I did not have to pay much for this system).

  6. Annalee Fieldhouse says:

    After I moved out of my parent’s house, they were insistent that I get an alarm system for my new townhome. I moved to a gated community so I was not sure why they felt I needed it, but they kept explaining that I can never be too sure. So after going over the many options I had to choose from, I ended up with the Protect America home security system.

    I have seen their signs just about everywhere so I was familiar with the name. Once I called them, they gave me many packages to select from and showed me some of the options that were available if I decided I wanted to add them to my existing package. I like the fact that the system is easy to use and even has carbon monoxide monitoring. I definitely feel a lot safer having this system in my home and I know my parents feel a lot better knowing I have it as well.

  7. Colton Hession says:

    This system sets the bar when it comes to home security. It is perfectly priced, simple to operate and comes with a pretty fine and friendly customer service department. I would have been happy with one of these things, but having all three at such a high level of quality is super awesome.

  8. Buddy Tacy says:

    I forgot what life was like before getting this home security system from pinnacle security. I guess I lived in fear or was weary about coming home late at night. I can’t remember since getting this system has taken all the fear and worry away. It’s nice to have that stress relieved permanently.

  9. Jewel Algood says:

    I have a large house with a LOT of windows and doors. When I shopped some of the bigger companies, I found that the costs really start adding up when you have that many sensors. But with Protect America, it is a lot more affordable. I am glad I chose Protect America.

  10. Cyrus Kabat says:

    The system is easy to use and the costs are manageable which is why I chose it. This website has been a great help in making my decision.

  11. Frank Enling says:

    Before Protect America, I have had two other home security systems. They didn’t do much for me. I wasn’t satisfied with either of them, but I really wanted a way for my home and family to be protected. Right when I was about to give up on trying to find a good home security system, one of my friends at work told me about Protect America Security. I was still hesitant because of the other tries I had, but I took a chance anyway. Now I always have peace of mind with Protect America security and they are the only home security company that I would ever recommend to anyone.

  12. Nate Stort says:

    I love Protect America. They have changed my whole perspective on life. Before, I use to sit and watch the news and read all of these horrible news stories online. I’d think how the world has changed! Which it has, and that’s exactly the reason why I chose to get more security for my house. I chose Protect America. Protect America Security is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. They have grade A customer service, and the people are always nice and very easy to talk to. If I have questions, I just call them up and they answer every time.

    Also, installing the system was easy as can be and didn’t take long at all. I don’t know why I didn’t have Protect America Security. Now these days, instead of wondering stuff like, “That could happen to me!” I rely on the security that I have now for my home. I rely on Protect America. I can even check up on the house even when I’m not there using an app. I recommend to all of my friends, family, and to anyone who reads this. Thank you Protect America, you have made me feel like it’s safe to sleep in my own bed again. This peace of mind you’ve given me is priceless.

  13. Jake Sandson says:

    Talk about security, Protect America Security is the source for the ultimate protection. After a burglary down the street, my wife and I were recommended by a friend to look into Protect America Security. Before we made any decisions, we even went the extra mile to glance at reviews of Protect America Security on the internet, and found out that they were all positive. Now my wife and I are always in the know-how when it comes to our home. The security system works wonders when we’re there, and even when we’re gone we know exactly what’s taking place at the house. Protect America Security is the ideal choice for home security.

  14. Trevor Enderdine says:

    It’s not a hard choice if you’re looking for a grade A alarm system to keep you and your family safe. Protect America Security has been delivering my family and I peace of mind ever since we went on board with them.

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