#5 Vivint

  • Protects 850,000+ homes
  • Wireless and Cellular Technology
  • Consumer Digest’s “Best Buy” rating
  • Capability to manage energy
  • Packages from $53.99 – $69.99 per mo.
  • Call 855-313-8501 for Free Consultation
Vivint Security Review

When you need to see, know, and control events happening in your home, Vivint is an excellent choice. Vivint’s leading edge technology and wireless Z wave connectivity gives advanced control of their security and energy management features for maximum efficiency. You can control such features as arm/disarm, locks, heating, appliances, and access surveillance video wherever you are from any web enabled device; now that is intelligent living.


Main Features
  • Advanced Security Package
  • Home Automation
  • Energy Management
  • LCD Touch Screen Control
  • Two-Way Voice Interactive
  • Leading Wireless Technology
  • Customizable Features For Individual Needs
Why We Recommend Them

For those who wouldn’t consider not having the best, Vivint combines the Industry’s best technology with professional service and monitoring. Simple to operate controls allow for constant interactive security and energy management of your home. The advanced Wireless technology allows you to customize the system and control equipment like the security camera from anywhere. Vivint’s advanced technology allows for smart control and greater efficiency which converts to savings.

What You Can Expect to Pay
  • Security System – Base Package; 1 LCD Touch Control Panel, 3-Door/Window
    Sensors, 1 Motion Detector, Glass Break Detector, Smoke
    Alarm, 1 Carbon Monoxide Detector, 1 Remote Key FOB, and
    a Yard Sign, Customizable Package for Future Modifications.
    $53.99 Mo.
  • Security W/Energy Management – Base Package; 1 LCD Touch Control Panel,
    3-Door/Window Sensors, 1 Motion Detector, Glass Break
    Detector, Smoke Alarm, 1 Carbon Monoxide Detector, 1
    Remote Key FOB, Yard Sign, 1 Smart Thermostat, Remote
    Lamp/Appliance Controls, 12 Energy Efficient Light Bulbs.
    $59.99 Mo.
  • Security W/Energy Management & Home Automation – Base Security Package;
    1 LCD Control Panel, 3-Door/Window Sensors, 1 Motion
    Detector, Glass Break Detector, Smoke Alarm, Carbon
    Monoxide Detector, 1 Remote Key FOB, Yard Sign, 1 Smart
    Thermostat, Remote Lamp/Appliance Controls, 12-Energy
    Efficient Light Bulbs, Streaming Video, Automatic Door
    Lock, Non-Emergency Alerts, Home Interactive Equipment
    Management Technology.
    $69.99 Mo.

Vivint Security Systems are fully Customizable for future needs and can be relocated in the event of a move. Their helpful sales specialists can determine the specific requirements to bring Home Security, Energy Management and Automation into your life with leading wireless technology. Basic systems require a 3 to 5 year contract with the possibility of additional equipment purchases needed to offer you the protection unique to your family’s lifestyle. We hope you enjoy our Vivint Security Reviews.

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Rating: 8.0/10 (228 votes cast)
#5 Vivint, 8.0 out of 10 based on 228 ratings

15 Customer Reviews for “#5 Vivint”

  1. Thomas Phillips says:

    Vivint deserves better than a #3 ranking I think. Their pricing is great and their service is great. They dont nickel and dime you. Plus their iphone app works great and is a joy to use. I really love this system

  2. Teresa Roberts says:

    We chose vivint because we have had bad luck with some other security providers. So far this company has given us everything we need which means that they are utterly reliable. I would recommend to others

  3. Greg M says:

    We really like our vivint system. Our neighbors have one and it seemed so easy to use that we wanted to get one too. This website which ranks the systems is very helpful and even though they don’t rank vivint as #1 or #2 it is still a good company to work with, they just aren’t as popular.

  4. Jason Bensen says:

    Installation went great and so far the customer service has been excellent. I give it an “A

  5. Reynaldo Hendrics says:

    Thanks for ranking all of these providers. We ultimately chose vivint strictly based on price. You can shop with vivint and have confidence that you are buying a quality product

  6. Evalyn Schleh says:

    I really enjoy using the iphone app. We also have a ton of windows in our house and we wanted glass break detectors and vivint has that. It is a good system so far and we haven’t had any negative issues to report

  7. Kyle Hedge says:

    My family really felt the need to be protected and after careful consideration we chose Vivint because we thought the equipment was easy to use and the price could not be beat for our needs.

  8. Bernice Mcghinnis says:

    Excellent experience as far as I’m concerned. Glad I chose vivint because I’ve had issues with some of the others like rude customer service reps.

  9. Sylvester Lavorini says:

    I could not believe when my brother and his wife got my husband and I a new home security system as a house-warming present. To me it seemed completely unnecessary and a waste of their money. Well, one year later, I am so incredibly happy that I kept the system and my mouth shut about getting it as a gift.

    Last month, two houses in my neighborhood got broken into and there was so much stuff taken—money, jewelry, appliances, collectibles. I was sick over this knowing that thieves were that close to our home and that it could have easily been our house that was robbed.

    Thank goodness for our Vivint security system. I never thought it would ever come in handy or be necessary, but I have now completely changed my mind. With this system, I do not worry that I too will have my house broken into and my valuables taken from me. I feel much safer knowing I have it. I used to balk at having to pay the monthly fee for the system, but now I proudly pay it without batting an eye. You simply cannot put a price on safety.

  10. Dionne Chernoff says:

    I seriously doubt anyone will find a better home security system than Vivint. You cannot imagine how many other security systems will try to sell you on fancy stuff that you have no use for. This system’s basic set up offers everything you will need—plus so many extras if you decide you want them too. Personally, the basic package provided me with more than enough.

  11. Gail Pfrogner says:

    Is there anything bad I can say about this system? Absolutely not! It works like a charm and is so easy to use that I even taught my eight-year-old son how to turn it on and off. He loves doing it and I love that he reminds me all the time to put it on before we leave the house.

  12. Na Vais says:

    I trust Consumer’s Digest and they consider Vivint security a best buy. Well now I do too. The installation went smoothly and the system works great. I really like the keypad and the iphone app.

  13. Carol M. Marie says:

    If you’re looking for peace of mind, then I would highly recommend Vivint. They are easy to talk to, and the system is easy to install. Plus, with Vivint you will be able to know what’s going on at your home even when you’re gone — that’s the main reason why I turned to them. Vivint Security is my ideal choice to keep my home and family as safe as possible. Not to mention, I can actually afford Vivint unlike a lot of home alarms these days. As far as home alarms and home security systems go, I would advise Vivint Security in the blink of an eye.

  14. Anna Starr says:

    My first home security system really disappointed me. They charged me way too much and didn’t deliver the quality that they promised. Thankfully someone told me about Vivint Security. Vivint is affordable and very dependable.

  15. Tammy Winehard says:

    We’ve been with Vivint for a little over a year now, and my husband and I have never been happier. We get the peace of mind and protection we need for our home and family, even when we’re gone. Because we are always busy and on-the-go, we wanted something that could really secure out house while we were out. Now when I look back on it, I wonder why we hadn’t joined Vivint sooner. We got what we wanted from a top-notch security system. We even recommended it to our friends down the street who now use Vivint and love it just as much as we do.

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