How to tell if a locksmith is fake?

It is a rather known fact that the need to hire a locksmith arises whenever it is that you face an issue with the locks at your place or the security systems at your home and workplace. It is not an easy decision to make when you let a total stranger inside your house, be it only to fix a small door lock, one needs to be very careful. The unfortunate truth is that there are many fake locksmiths out there who have succeeded in fooling people into taking them as professional locksmiths. These fake locksmiths have various intentions which include, making money without having a work license, threatening vulnerable people, taking false advantage of people etc. You do not need to worry about this because it is not difficult to spot a fake locksmith and this article will lay out just the signs which will help you determine it. Also you can check for contractor licences here to be extra careful 

Have knowledge about the business address:

Before you call in a locksmith, it is very important for you to ask for the respective business address. One of the most common signs is that a fake locksmith will never have a proper business address and so he/she will hesitate in telling one. Even if you are provided with a business address, do not fall for it and check its authenticity by searching the respective address online. If the number tends to match the ones available online, then it is safe to hire that locksmith.

Do not forget to ask for his/her identification:

Although it may seem a bit out of the ordinary for you to ask for identification since most service providers provide the customers with their identification as soon as they reach the desired location. This is not the case with fake locksmiths, they avoid giving any sort of identification to the customers and so this is something you need to check for yourself. If the locksmith, you have hired does not provide you with an identification proof, then this is a clear sign that the person is a fraud. On the other hand, a professional or authentic locksmith will also ask for your identification proof as a part of their daily routine. This is done in order to make sure that the customer has legal access to the respective property.

Service vehicle of the company:

Companies provide their locksmiths with vehicles that carry the logo or name of the company on them, to show affiliation, to the people or customers. If your hired locksmith does come in a vehicle which carries the above-stated details similar to this company iLock security locksmith, then it is safe to let him in but if he/she has come without one then you might want to reconsider letting him in your house.

Check the invoice and price quotes:

One more way through which you can tell whether or not a locksmith is fake is checking the price quotes or invoice. There is a very high chance that you are told one price on the phone but when the locksmith arrives at your place he asks for an increased amount of money This thing happens with such locksmiths who are fake and unprofessional. You are better advised to not make any sort of deal with such a locksmith and instead ask him to leave.

Before letting in any locksmith it is very important to run a check on the above-stated signs, otherwise, you might have to deal with an uncertain situation. It is always better to call for a locksmith who works under known companies or there should be some sort of reference involved. This will help you stay away from fake or unprofessional locksmiths.


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